The sale and possession of cannabis is still illegal in NJ. You should don't get in trouble with the law.

The best way to score some marijuana in Westfield, NJ is to grow it on your own.

Just Imagine This...

You Open The Door To Your Grow Closet...

And There Grows Your
Continually Producing Crop Of
A Supply Of

Just smoke as much as you want.

Selecting a Grow Light for marijuana.

There are lots of options for light.

As a rule, High Pressure Sodium lights consume a lot of electricity. High Pressure Sodium Lights is not easy to install.

The most efficient lights for growing are leds. Led Lights work for much longer than High Pressure Sodium - up to 100000 hours.

Our mission is to deliver efficient indoor grow lights utilizing the best innovations and technology. Our LED lights are the best in spectral efficiency to all other grow lights including induction, HID, other LEDs and fluorescent.


Our marijuana dictionary is a must have for any cannabis smoker. Packed with hundreds of weed slang definitions you'll become the expert among your friends.

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