Are you looking for some fresh pot in Spartanburg, SC?

Until weed is illegal in SC, you need to watch out. A man looking for weed in Spartanburg on the street, might get ripped off or mugged.

The safest way to score high quality weed in Spartanburg, SC is to grow your own pot.

Why I started growing marijuana:

  • Save money and time - growing cannabis is much easier than buying it in Spartanburg, SC
  • Constant supply - never run out!
  • Individual safety
  • Choice of strains - grow exactly what you want

Growing cannabis can be not hard at all if you have the proper information.

Growing With Soil vs Growing With Hydroponics

You should get growing medium depending on what cultivation system you prefer. There are many growing systems available.

Hydroponics is the technics of cultavation in a bath or flow of oxygenated, nutritional water. Hydroponics simply means that you plant it in sterile medium instead of in soil. All of the nutrient requirements are supplied when you mix water with the fertilizers. Hydroponics introduces the water, nutrients and air to the roots directly through the sterile medium.

This practice excludes pesticides or insects that can destroy or kill the plants.

The most exotic practice is an aquaponics. This growing system means a combining of fish and cannabis plants. This system creates a tiny ecosystem - fish make nutrients for weed while marijuana cleans the water.


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