Auto Super Skunk feminised

  • Brand: Sensi Seeds

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Super Skunk has pungent smell but will give you a very pleasant high. Potent flavor and aromatic high are the reasons why this cannabis strain is liked by many smokers who prefer strong physical stone and therefore the couch lock effect that lasts long. Super Skunk was specifically developed to meet the demands of Skunk family lovers.

The plant releases a powerful unique aroma when brushed. The color of Super Skunk is light green with brown hairs. The flowering time is 52 days. The yield is usually bigger than that of other cannabis plants and can reach 500/700 gr/m² - 18/25 oz/3ft² if maintained properly in a sunny or Mediterranean climate.

Super Skunk has a big medicinal value. It is used for healing insomnia, headaches, cramps or lack of appetite.

Strain details
CBD (Medical) Low
Flowering Time 52 days
Genetics 10% - 90% Indica dominant
Average Yield 500/700 gr/m² - 18/25 oz/3ft²
Plant type Autoflowering, Feminized
Climate Sunny / mediterranean
THC Level 16%

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