• Hawaii Maui Waui Feminised

Hawaii Maui Waui Feminised

  • Brand: Nirvana

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Meticulous breeding using premier sativa genetics has brought a flavor-rich tropical plant of lanky variety with resin-covered buds, characteristic taste and warm, exciting high.

One of the informal top attractions of the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii Maui Waui is a tropical Cannabis Sativa herb with a smooth, fruity-herbal taste, a citrusy aroma, and a delightful buzz. A genuine old school genetics strain, Hawaii Maui Waui is not as overwhelming as the new school indoor strains. We have ultimately managed to nail that indefinable Valley Island flavor, after many years of meticulous inbreeding.

Strain details
Flowering Time 12-14 weeks
Genetics Hawaiian sativa
Average Yield 350 gr./m2
Height high

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