Bubble Gum

  • Brand: T.H.Seeds

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Just as its name implies, Bubble Gum marijuana strain is famous for its sweet flavor and crazy high. Bubble Gum, usually a mid-tall, not particularly branchy plant, produces crystal-coated compact buds. Plants are very consistent in size and quality. The very first Bubble Gum strain was created by growers in the US state of Indiana. Later on, the original strain arrived at the Netherlands and landed at two different commercial seed companies. Each of those developed their own version of the ‘original Bubble Gum’ from the initial genetic materials. The Serious Seeds Bubble Gum is more sativa-like in effects and looks, a robust and powerful plant, with the characteristic sweet smell (indeed reminiscent of a classic bubble gum flavor) and crazy high; the only inbred grade (not to be mistaken with an F1 hybrid) in the Serious` selection. Bubble Gum has collected 10 awards in major festivals such as High Times Cannabis Cups and others. In Spain alone, it won 5 regional and nation-wide Cups in two consecutive years: 2004 and 2005! In 2006, when numerous Spanish growers won in regional competitions with Bubble Gum, the ‘Soft Secrets’ magazine proclaimed it ‘Plant of the year’, its most prestigious award so far.

Strain details
Good for insomnia, pain, mental disorders, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, convulsions, anxiety
Flowering Time 7 - 8 weeks
Genetics Indica
Average Yield 300 - 450 gr

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