• Black Russian Feminised

Black Russian Feminised

  • Brand: Delicious Seeds

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Black Russian appeared as a result of crossing of 2 indicas: White Russian and Black Domina. The Spanish growers know Black Russian very well, they appreciate many valuable qualities of this strain. It is easy to grow and the growth itself isn’t excessive during the flowering stage.
Black Russian is well-branched, yet it's size is very compact and it has many flowers in its very dense buds. One of the advantages of this strain is that very few leaves grow between the buds. The flowering period ranges between 50 and 55 days and the flowers produce abundant fruity-smelling resin. Black Russian has a very sweet taste that reminds citrus.
This cannabis strain has a relaxing and long-lasting effect, thus, is recommended for medicinal usage. The effect of smoking Black Russian is very quick and immediately noticeable. Besides that, smokers develop a very low tolerance to its effects, that is why the weed remains potent even after a long period of consumption. Average yield is 450 gr/m2 indoor and 900 gr/pl outdoor.

Strain details
Flowering Time 50 to 55 days
Genetics Black Domina X White Russian, 20% Sativa - 80% Indica
Average Yield 450 gr/m2 indoor / 900 gr/pl outdoor
Plant type Indica

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