• Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow

  • Brand: Dutch Passion

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With a reputation of one of the most powerful strains ever introduced, White Widow is a living classic whose qualities were acknowledged by multiple international awards. The genetic scientists have worked hard on this vigorous grade to enhance and, ultimately, stabilize its best features. The result is an iconic and sought-after variety coated with crystals that delivers hefty yield of high-quality buds.

The Dutch Passion White Widow strain is easy to grow, irrespective of the growing method, and yields hefty harvest on a consistent basis. The consistency and quality are particularly well-defined in our feminized version of the herb that has reached the ranks of the industry`s best-seller and became the gold standard for other seed companies. Dutch Passion White Widow had been fine-tuned to perfection years before most commercial seed companies entered the market. That’s why many true White Widow connoisseurs are willing to pay a premium price to buy the genuine 1980's F1 White Widow, with the original taste, smell, and undeniably supreme high. White Widow seeds are offered by many seed companies today, but a fair share of those is a distant imitation of the authentic strain.

Our authentic White Widow possesses all the genuine characteristics. The strong and zesty aroma, the remarkable vigor that originates from crossing the Indian and Brazilian genes and the insanely powerful high, adored and feared all at once. We claim that our White Widow is one of the few authentic varieties on the market that will never disappoint you. It delivers good yields outdoors (in the warmer climates) and indoors.

Strain details
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Genetics Auto Ak47 x Colombian
Average Yield 490 Grams (17 ounces) m2
Climate Indoor conditions

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