Auto OG Kush Feminised

  • Brand: Seedsman

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Sour or lemon flavour is a special feature of the OG Kush strain. The THC level is the highest among all Kush strains. Because of the high energy level that you get after smoking OG Kush, this kind of marijuana is not recommended before going to bed.

OG Kush usually produces specific flocks of dense buds. This plant is a good remedy for stress, anxiety, pain relief and helps in case of some other health and mood disorders. The flowering time equals approximately 55 days. The height is small and can vary from 25 to 100 cm. OG Kush has 5% - 95% Indica dominant genetics and gives the yield of ±450 gr/m² - ±16 oz/3ft². The THC level is around 17% - 19%.

Strain details
CBD (Medical) Low
Flowering Time 55 days
Genetics 5% - 95% Indica dominant
Average Yield ±450 gr/m² - ±16 oz/3ft²
Height 25/100 cm - 10"/37"
Plant type Feminized, autoflowering
Climate Temperate / continental
THC Level 17% - 19%

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