Auto Kush

  • Brand: Seedsman

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If  you can appreciate the aesthetic pleasure of cultivating a plant, pay  attention to Auto Kush, a  breathtakingly beautiful and rapidly flowering marijuana strain. At  the flowering phase, the buds of this herb are taking on rich purple  shades creating a perfect harmony with the flowers` orange hairs. A  compact plant, Auto Kush is a great choice for indoor growing. An  important notice for growers: due to the plant's intense smell, you  should take care of a ventilation or a filtration system. Although  Indica prevails in this strain, Auto Kush has some unexpected effects:  smooth, heavy on the mind, but no physical toll on the body. It can be  applied as an analgesic. The dried buds effuse a pine scent, with a  tiny dash of grapes. Auto Kush is your choice if you'd like to get good yields shortly.

Strain details
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical
Flowering Time 70 days
Genetics Mostly Indica
Average Yield 20 - 40 gr per plant
Plant type Autoflowering, Feminised
Climate Average / land climate

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