• Auto Jack

Auto Jack

  • Brand: Paradise Seeds

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Auto Jack adds a dash of Ruderalis to a cross of Jack Herer and White Widow, to create a hybrid whose performance is unparalleled. A combination of iconic varieties, this plant delivers an upful high you will not forget.

Jack Herer is a renowned strain that wears the name of the cannabis champion who dedicated his life to herb legalization. Naturally tall, with Sativa dominant personality, Jack Herer is a creeper with a long lasting stamina.

White Widow is a legend on its own, named after the mighty Black Widow spider and renamed White to emphasize the sugary crystal look of trichomes. Renowned for its strength, this herb puts forth flowers fast, which was the reason for its selection.

A combination of two outstanding strains, Auto Jack inherited the best of both worlds. The autoflowering element originates from the Ruderalis, a remarkable plant that can stand up to the Arctic circle due to its flowering cycle evolved over millions of years. Thanks to its genes, the Auto Jack enjoys short stout growth and a rapid flower formation (some 65-70 days indoors and 75-80 days outdoors).

This hybrid enjoys pedigree, form, and stability, delivering generous harvests of hefty buds – up to 450 grams per sqm indoors and 200 grams outdoors, a competitive plant for growers in both hemispheres.

Smokers of old school and new school alike will appreciate the Auto Jack effects: when Jack meets the Widow, the result is an enjoyable battle of historical highs.

Strain details
Good for depression, panic attacks, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, arthritis, physiological pain, seizures
Flowering Time 65-75 days
Genetics Sativa x Indica

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