• Auto AK-47 Feminised

Auto AK-47 Feminised

  • Brand: Royal Queen Seeds

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One of the best and awarded marijuana strains is AK47. It is a hybrid of Indica / Sativa. AK47 appeared in the market back in 1992. Balanced feeling of head / body high as well as strong smell and relaxing made this plant very popular among smokers all over the world.

Newbies in the world of cannabis should be aware that this type of weed can turn you into a couch potato if overdosed. Nevertheless, AK47 is the best social marijuana strain and is a good option while hanging out with friends.

AK47 is a universal plant that grows very good both indoors and outdoors in the average climate with flowering time approximately 64 days. Small size allows you to grow it indoors and save some space but remember that it has a VERY pungent smell. Speaking about genetics, AK47 is 35% - 65% Sativa dominant. The average yield is 500gr/m², 18 oz/3ft². Flowering time is around 8-9 weeks, high and consistent yield makes AK47 a preferred choice of many growers.

Strain details
CBD (Medical) Medium
Flowering Time 64 days
Genetics 35% - 65% Sativa dominant
Average Yield 500gr/m², 18 oz/3ft²
Climate Average / land climate
THC Level 20%

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