While marijuana is illegal in KS, you can't go in caffe and buy it like in Netherlands, you need to watch out. Don’t get arrested for buying drugs! Not worth it.

The safest way to get buds in Salina, KS is to grow your own cannabis.

Why I started growing weed:

  • Health purposes - I use cannabis for loss of appetite
  • Choice of strains
  • Save money - compared to buying buds, growing is much cheaper

Growing cannabis in Salina, KS can be really easy if you know what to do.

Growing Marijuana in Salina, KS: Soil Versus Hydroponics

People usually cultivate pot in hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics or soil.

Hydroponics is a technology of growing cannabis in a solution of water and nutrients.

If setup correctly a hydroponic system provides less maintenance and better control over the plants health.

The most amazing cultivating system is an aquaponics. This cultivation system means a combining of fish and cannabis plants. This system creates an ecosystem - fish produce nutrients for cannabis while cannabis cleans the water.


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