So you are looking for marijuana in Newark, NJ?

While pot is forbidden in NJ, you should be careful. A person looking for buds in Newark, could go ask around and get mugged.

The most reliable way to get some cannabis in Newark, NJ is to grow your own marijuana.

Why I started growing cannabis:

  • Individual safety - You don't have to deal with drug dealers or other nasty people in Newark, NJ to get pot
  • Save time and money - growing cannabis is easier than buying it in Newark, NJ
  • Better pot

Growing cannabis in Newark, NJ can be easy if you have the right information.

Growing With Soil vs Growing In Hydroponics

You can grow plants in hydroponics, soil or aquaponics.

Hydroponics is a technology of growing weed in a mixture of water and nutrients.

This system excludes insects or pesticides that inhabit dirt.

Selecting a Grow Light for cannabis.

There are lots of options for light.

For covering nine feet you should buy one 600 Watt HPS Light. If you would like to use HPS, you need to constantly battle heat. Even if the heat is under control, it's still important to prevent your weed from experiencing light burn.

LED Grow lights are rising in popularity as they can be used for vegetative and flowering phase of your marijuana, are so energy efficient, are easy to set up and use. They radiate less heat than other kinds of lights.

Our led grow lights have been proven effective in growing pot in Newark, NJ.


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