The sale and possession of cannabis remains illicit in IN. Don’t get arrested or killed over it!

You might decide to grow your marijuana in Kokomo, IN.

It ensures that you would be safe, but growing marijuana in Kokomo, IN is a tricky thing. So you should get prepared.

Indoor Growing vs. Outdoor growing

Marijuana plant uses as much light as possible to help its strong growth cycle. Without good light a plant will grow tall and spindly. The most important issue is to protect your pot from Kokomo thieves. So you try growing indoors with grow lights for reliability.

Growing With Soil vs Growing In Hydroponics

Kokomo Growers commonly grow weed in aquaponics, soil or aeroponics.

What you might don't know about weed is it doesn't need soil. Hydroponics is a technology for growing weed in nutrient solutions (nutrients and water) without soil.

This system also excludes insects that can destroy or kill your plants.


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