So you'd like to buy weed in Kenosha, WI?

Marijuana is illegal everywhere. If you go ask people in a bad and pot-friendly part of Kenosha, you can get mugged, get bad buds or get ripped off.

You might consider growing it on your own in Kenosha, WI.

It provides you safety, but growing marijuana in Kenosha, WI is not easy. So you should prepare yourself.

Outdoor Gardening vs. Indoor Gardening

The amount of light that a plant receives is vital for its overall performance and health. If it does not get bright light, it will die. However you can't just simply grow cannabis in a garden. Consider neighbors and passers, who might notice your plants. So you can't expose marijuana to sunshine. If you are willing to plant marijuana outdoors, you should plant marijuana far away from your home, maybe in the woods etc. However in this way you might lose crop because of theft. So consider this: if you plant marijuana in the woods, you probably lose your yield.

The best growing practices

People often discuss about which technic of growing produces higher yields.

Hydroponics is a method for growing weed in nutrient-rich solution without soil.

This method also does not require pesticides.

If done correctly a hydroponics offers less overall maintenance.


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