While cannabis is illicit in IN, you need to be careful. Don’t get kidnapped, killed or arrested over this! Totally not worth it.

The best way to solve the issue is to grow your own pot in Fort Wayne, IN.

Why people grow weed:

  • Private safety
  • Constant supply - buds always in stock
  • Save money - compared to buying marijuana, growing is cheaper
  • Choice of strains
  • Medical reasons

Growing cannabis in Fort Wayne, IN can be really easy if you have the proper information.

Leds vs. HPS.

Growing indoors depends on the usage of powerful grow lights to simulate the effect of the sun.

For covering 9 feet of area you have to use at least 450 Watt High Pressure Sodium Light with fans, ballast and reflector. And of course you will need some electrician to install HPS.

The newest lamps for marijuana growers, LEDs have a reputation for economy and efficiency. Almost all the light produced by led grow lamps can be utilized by the plant. That implies better yields and little waste.

Our mission is to provide superior cannabis grow lights. Our LED grow lights are superior in spectral efficiency. Our prices are affordable.


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