The sale and possession of marijuana remains illegal in VA. Don’t get kidnapped or arrested over this!

The safest way to get some weed in Fairfax, VA is to grow your cannabis.

Simply Imagine This...

You Open Your Secret Room...

And There Sits Your Personal
Continually Producing Harvest Of
A FREE Supply Of Pounds Of

Simply take as much as you want.

What kinds of grow lights are suitable?

Growing cannabis indoors is based on the usage of artificial lights to replicate the sunlight.

For covering nine square feet of area you have to buy at least 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium with reflector, fans and ballast. HPS needs a cooling system that you need to assemble.

The newest lamps for growers, LEDs have proven their efficiency and economy. It works for much longer than High Pressure Sodium - up to 100000 hours.

We sale effective Led Grow Lights with delivery to Fairfax, VA.


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