The use of cannabis is still illegal in Elkhart. Don’t get arrested for buying drugs!

Growing cannabis in Elkhart, IN will save a lot of frustration, time and money.

This ensures that you would be safe, but growing pot in Elkhart, IN is not easy. So you have to buy certain equipment and seeds.

Growing Weed Indoors vs. Growing Weed Outdoors

Light is a crucial thing that determines the yield. Without direct light a plant will be small. The most important issue is to hide your pot from discovery. That is why you try indoor growing for safety.

What kinds of lights are suitable? Leds vs. HPS.

Indoor growing is based on the usage of powerful artificial lights.

If your choice is High Pressure Sodium bulbs, you receive high electricity bills. HPS Lights is hard to install.

The newest lights among plant grow technology, LEDs have a reputation for efficiency and economy. Led Grow Lights are easy in use.

Our mission is to provide efficient indoor grow lights. Our LED lights are excellent in spectral efficiency to all other grow lights including plasma, MH (LEC), HID and fluorescent.


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