Until cannabis is forbidden in De Pere, you can't go in coffee shop and get it, you need to be careful. A man looking for marijuana in De Pere on the street, could get ripped off.

Growing weed in De Pere, WI can save a lot of time.

It ensures you would be safe, but you should buy proper equipment and seeds.

Plants need a sunlight.

Light is a vital thing that determines growing of weed. If a plant does not get bright light, it will die. However you don't want to be noticed by your neighbors. So you try indoor growing for safety.

To grow marijuana indoors you need a garage or well ventilated room. Indoor growing isn’t dangerous.

Growing Weed in De Pere, WI: Soil Versus Hydroponics

De Pere Growers usually grow pot in aeroponics, soil or hydroponics.

Hydroponics is a system of cultivating marijuana plants in nutrient solution (water and fertilizers) without soil.

Growers in De Pere, WI cultivate marijuana hydroponically because:

  • It produces high yields.
  • There are no bad bugs.


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