Can't buy reasonably-priced buds most of the time in Dallas, TX?

While cannabis is illicit in TX, you need to watch out. If you wanna score buds, don't try to buy cannabis and all.

The safest way to get cannabis in Dallas, TX is to grow it in secret place or grow room.

What are the reasons to start growing your own pot?

  • Excellent marijuana and choice of strains
  • Medical reasons - I use medical cannabis for treating insomnia

Marijuana can be easy to grow if you have the right information.

Light Requirements

The amount of light that weed receives is vital for its performance and health. If it does not get direct light, it will not survive, regardless of other conditions. But if you grow outside home, your cannabis might be noticed by your neighbors or somebody else. So you can't expose plants to sunshine. If you are willing to plant seeds outdoors, you have to do it far away from Dallas, maybe in the woods. But outdoor growing often causes lost of yield because of thieves or police. Keep in mind: if you grow cannabis in the woods, you can forget about the crop.

Do you still want to buy cannabis in Dallas, TX?

There is only one safe way to do that. You have to use anonimous Tor browser and get a bitcoin wallet.

Using Tor browser visit Traderoute market. You will find there any drugs you want: meth, hash, marijuana.


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