While cannabis is illegal in TX, you can't go into coffee shop and get it, you should watch out. Don’t get killed or arrested over this! Not worth it.

The most reliable way to score high quality buds in Cedar Park, TX is to grow marijuana in grow box or the woods.

Why I started growing pot:

  • Private safety - growing marijuana is much safer than buying
  • Higher quality buds and choice of strains
  • Medical purposes

Cannabis plants is easy to grow if you know what to do.

What do you need for growing cannabis indoors in Cedar Park, TX?

There are lots of options for light.

For covering 9 feet of area you are going to need at least 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium Light. In addition to HPS bulbs you are going to need fans, because it generates lots and lots of heat.

The newest lamps for cannabis growers, LEDs are developing a reputation for economy and efficiency. Nearly all the light produced by leds can be used by the narijuana plant. That means little waste and lower electric bills.

At our shop you can buy high quality led grow lights to illuminate your weed efficiently.


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