How to germinate marijuana seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds

To germinate marijuana seeds succesfully you'll need two saucers and a peace of cheesecloth. The second saucer is needed to keep humidity inside. You could use plastic bag instead of second saucer as well.

Prepare yourself to germinate marijuana seeds

  • Fold several layers of cheesecloth in the saucer.
  • Place marijuana seeds on top of the cheesecloth. Make sure every seed has plenty of free space to germinate( If you have marijuana seeds left, then take one more saucer, peace of cheesecloth, and do as described above.).
  • Take one more piece of cheesecloth and fold several layers of it on top of your marijuana seeds.
  • Pour a little water inside the saucer.
  • Drain any excess water from the saucer.
  • Lastly, take the second saucer, turn it upside down, and cover everything with it.

Germination of marijuana seeds

  • Put the saucers in a warm, dark place.
  • You have to check the cheesecloth every day to make sure that it does not dry out. If it looks dry, then spray it with water.
  • It usually takes 72 hours for marijuana seeds to open up and put out a root. However some of them may need some more time - up to two weeks. Be patient and don't forget to check your marijuana seeds every day to prevent them of drying out.
  • If you notice that some of your cannabis seeds put out at least five melimeters of root, then you have to carefully take and transfer them to a small pot with growing medium.

Potting germinated marijuana seeds

  • Dig a small hole in the growing medium that is about half an inch deep.
  • Take your cannabis sprout carefully and put it root down into the hole. Cover the root with the growing medium, so you could see top of the sprout on the surface. Some beginners make common mistake by burying germinated cannabis seeds too deep, so the sprouts couldn't grow out of the medium and finally die in the absence of air.
  • Make sure the growing medium is wet enough. If it is not, then spray it with water.

 Taking care of cannabis seedlings

  • The time has come to put cannabis seedlings under bright light. But don't place them too close to the grow light such as HID or HPS to prevent heat burn.

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