Growing marijuana in aeroponics

Growing marijuana in aeroponics

Many home growers like growing marijuana in aeroponics because they get really good results. How does aeroponics work? Aeroponics, unlike other hydroponic systems, is conducted without a growing medium. Cannabis plants suspended in the air while their roots are misted with nutrient solution. The roots get a lot of air, and weed grows faster as a result. 

One of the advantages of aeroponics is that you can more easily transplant your marijuana plants.

You can use many different kinds of materials to build aeroponic system for cannabis, as well as many differnt types of design setups.

What do you need to make an Aeroponic system for cannabis:

  • Reservoir or bucket for nutrient solution.
  • Submersible pump.
  • Tubing for distribution of water to the sprinkler heads.
  • Water tight chamber for cannabis roots.
  • Sprinkler heads.
  • Tubing to get the excess water back to the reservoir. 


Chamber for marijuana roots should be water tight as we want to keep moisture inside, and don't want nutrient solution to spill out.

It is important to choose proper sprinkler heads.  If sprinkler heads spray a fine mist, then cannabis roots will grow bushier, and they will absorb more nutrients and oxygen than roots sprayed with small streams of water. So sprinklers with smaller droplet size are the best choise for marijuana plants.

Growing cannabis in Low pressure Aeroponics (soakaponics)

Low pressure aeroponics is popular, simple and not expensive, however it sprays larger water droplet size then high pressure aeroponics. This system doesn't require any special equipment. For growing marijuana in soakaponics you are going to need a more powerful pump because the more sprinkler heads you add to the system, the more pressure in the system will drop.

Keep in mind that marijuana usually has a big root zone while designing your low pressure aeroponics system. You need to put  sprinkler heads above the root mass or near the top of it for better penetretion of water.

Growing cannabis in high pressure Aeroponics

High pressure aeroponics works with a very small water droplet size creating fine mist for marijuana plants. This system is more complicated and expensive than low pressure systems, but it allows cannabis roots to absorb a lot more oxygen. In high pressure aeroponics sprinkler heads can clog from build up, so you should always have extra heads to replace them.

Two tips for cannabis grower.

1. Add an anti blocking agent - like Canna D Block or Atami ATA Clean - in your nutrient solution to prevent a formation of build up and keep sprinkler heads clean.
2. Your pump must work 24 hours a day, because cannabis roots need water constantly. There is no growing medium surrounding marijuana roots. So you should never turn off the pump, even for a short period, because it could kill your plants.

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