DIY Aeroponic cloner for cannabis

DIY Aeroponic cloner for cannabis

It will only take about 20 minutes to make aeroponic cloner if you have all of the materials.

Materials needed:

1 Dark 5 Gallon Bucket,

1 Dark 5 Gallon Lid,

7 - 10   2" Net Pots,

7 - 10   2" Neoprene Plugs,

1 Drill

1 PVC Pipe Cutter,

1    4' 1/2" PVC Pipe,

4    1/2" PVC Elbow,

1    1/2" PVC Tee,

2    1/2" PVC Caps,

1    1/2" PVC M (threaded) to F (slip) adaptor

1 PVC Pipe Glue

1 Submersible Water Pump,

15   360 degree Micro Sprinklers,

1 Roll of Teflon Tape,

If needed copper fittings to convert 3/8" to 1/2".


Cut 1/2" PVC pipe into two 5" sections, two 2 1/2" sections, one 2" section, two 1 3/4" sections.

Pre-assemble to check sizes.

Check fit in bucket.

If yours is initially too wide, you have to shorten some sections.

Prepare PVC cement by stirring it. Disassemble pipes and glue back together.

Make sure everything is level. Mark evenly spaced dots for sprinklers.

Let the glue dry. Drill holes where you measured your dots.

Clean out PVC with running water, as micro sprinklers can clog easily.

If your pump fits 3/8" pipes, then you have to convert to 1/2" using copper fittings.

Use a screw to thread the pipe. This will allow the sprinklers to screw in better (This helps a lot).

Screw each sprinkler into the drilled holes.

Thread fitting and attach to pump. Use teflon thread tape.

Fill bucket and test it out.

Take the lid and place plugs where you want each plant site. Then mark the center of each plug for your drill.

Drill guide holes where you marked dots. This is for your hole saw to follow.

Drill holes with 2" hole saw.

Cleanup your mistakes.

Check the fit with net pots.

Cut bottom off of the net pot. You don't want the cannabis roots getting tangled in them.

Insert neoprene plug. You should squeeze it in.

Now it is time to put it all together. Your cannabis aeroponic cloner is ready to work.

Mix up nutrients for cannabis cuttings. There should be measurements on your nutrient bottles. Cut off the cannabis cuttings and put them into plugs.

 If you intend to transplant your clones into soil or coco, remove them from cannabis cloner after the roots have grown 2 - 3 inches long. If you are planning to transplant the clones into an aeroponic system, wait till the roots will grow 3 to 4 inches long.
A good tip for transplanting into an NFT system is to grow the roots to around 5 inches long and punch a hole in the bottom of a 3 inch rock wool cube, sandwich the clone between two halves of a propagation cube (rock wool or root riot) and place into the 3 inch cube, allowing the roots to trail through the punched hole and directly onto the NFT tray.

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