Cannabis tincture

Cannabis tincture

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

THC exists in marijuana in a form of tetrahydrocannabolic acid. To get the THC out you have to apply heat to it. Other method needs an alcohol to flow through buds and dissolve the THC.

You will need pure grain alcohol of 90% strength or higher, cannabis buds, jar with lid, strainer, medicine bottle with eyedropper

Foolow these instructions to make Cannabis tincture:

  • The minimum ratio is 1 gram of weed to 35 mL of alcohol, but I know people who use ratio up to 6 grams per 35 mL. There are about 20-25 drops in 35 mL. An average dose is about 3-4 drops. So you can make 6-8 doses using 35 mL of alcohol (1 fluid ounce).
  • You need to dry out the buds. Fresh buds are not suitable for our purposes. But first of all weigh out them and cut them up.
  • Pour an alcohol into the jar, put the buds inside and give them 1 to 10 days to soak. Don't forget to shake the cannabis tincture once a day. There has been many disputes among growers as what time buds must soak in alcohol. Fill free to experiment and find out the optimum time frame, that provides the ideal cannabis tincture for your purposes.
  • When the soaking has ended, pour the tincture into the medicine bottle through the strainer. Keep your marijuana tincture in a dark place to protect it from sunlight, that can break down the THC content.

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