Cannabis lazy dumplings

Cannabis  lazy dumplings

Lazy dumplings can be light and sweet without much efforts from your side. They are rather easy to cook and become 3 times bigger when boiled, that is why you can prepare a breakfast for 4 people using 500 grams of cheese. It’s worth mentioning that people love these dumplings when you add strawberry sauce to this dish.
Cannabis lazy dumplings is a very simple dish that is very easy to cook. That is why it is always a good option when you want to make something quick and tasty for breakfast of even dinner depending on your taste. If you cook it correctly, then it can be even better than the traditional meal. Cannabis lazy dumplings do not only taste great, but get you high and lazy too.
Fresh eggs - 2 pcs;
Fatty cheese 9% - 500 gr;
2 tablespoons of white sugar;
3 tablespoons of cannabis butter;
1 glass of white flour;
1 teaspoon of salt;
Sour cream.
In order to get lazy after eating cannabis lazy dumplings, you can use buds of the "AK-47" strain for cannabis butter.

Cannabis lazy dumplings recipe

Cheese should be scraped using a sieve or grinded with a blender. Also, you can simply mash it using a fork.

Add eggs, salt, sugar and mix it. Melt the cannabis butter using bain-marie, add the cheese. Mix it until you get elastic consistence. 

Sift the flour and add it to the cheese, mix it. The dough will be soft and sticky. Then dredge the table with the flour, put the dough on it. Knead it thoroughly with your hands and roll it up into a ball that do not stick to your hands. If the dough is still sticky, then just dredge the table with the flour and do the same again.

Cut it in 4 pieces. While dredging the table with the flour, roll up all the dough pieces to make a shape of a thin sausage. Then cut them into small squares, triangles or rectangles. You need to press on squares to make them round. But it’s up to you to decide the shape of cannabis lazy dumplings. For example, you can knead dough up to 1 cm in height and then cut special figures that you like.

You can freeze this dish if you cooked too much of it. But in this case you’ll have to sort each of the cannabis lazy dumplings into an individual package to make them not stick together.
Now put your dumplings into boiling salted water. When they rise to the surface, boil them for another 3 minutes.


Eat cannabis lazy dumplings when they are hot, add some yoghurt, sour cream or some syrup!

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