Baked pork with cannabis

Baked pork with cannabis


  • pork breast ribs – 3.3 lbs,

  • basil – 0.2 bunches,

  • parsley – 0.2 bunches,

  • 2 cloves of garlic,

  • mustard – 2 tablespoons,

  • mustard in seeds (black) – 1 gr,

  • mustard in seeds (white) – 1 gr,

  • coriander – 3 teaspoons,

  • sundried tomatos with oregano (spices) – 2 gr,

  • olive oil – 100 ml,

  • salt – 4 teaspoons,

  • black grounded pepper – 1 gr;

  • finely grounded cannabis buds – 3 gr.

How to cook baked pork with cannabis

  1. Mix dry spices: sundried tomatos with oregano, seeds of black and white mustard, coriander, salt, black grounded pepper. Add grounded garlic, mustard and olive oil. Add grounded parsley, basil and finely grounded cannabis buds. Mix these ingredients.

  2. Make small punctures in the meat. Put the meat in some kind of a plate or a pan and spread the marinade on all sides of the meat. Place it in your fridge for 1 hour, turn it over from time to time and rub the marinade into the meat.

  3. Foil the meat. Bake it in the heated oven (170-180 °С) for 50 minutes. Take off the foil 10 minutes before the meat is ready.

  4. Serve the dish at once after it’s ready by sliced pieces.

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