Do you like cannabis?

The sale of cannabis remains illicit in NJ. If you go ask around in a likely bad and weed-friendly area of Belleville, you can get ripped off or get bad buds. If you get marijuana, you're buying dimebags at $10/gram.

Growing marijuana in Belleville, NJ can save your time, frustration and money.

What are the reasons to start growing weed?

  • Health reasons
  • Save time - compared to buying bud, growing is much cheaper

Growing weed can be not hard at all if you have the proper information.

Choose a marijuana strain.

The genetic material contained in cannabis seeds is the key to good buds. We sale regular marijuana seeds with discreet delivery to Belleville, NJ.


Our marijuana dictionary is a must have for any cannabis smoker. Packed with hundreds of weed slang definitions you'll become the expert among your friends.

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