While weed is forbidden in TX, you can't go into caffe and get it like in Netherlands, you have to watch out. If you wanna buy cannabis, don't try to buy weed and all.

You might consider growing your own marijuana in Austin, TX.

This provides you reliability, but growing cannabis in Austin, TX is a tricky thing. So you should get prepared.

Indoor Growing vs. Outdoor growing

Plants require plenty of light for growth. If it does not get direct light, it won't grow. But you can't just grow cannabis outside home. Consider the cops, who might notice your weed. So indoor growing is the safest way of growing buds in Austin, TX. Indoors you can harvest two crops a year.

Selecting a Grow Light for weed.

Growing weed indoors means the use of powerful artificial lights to replicate the sunlight.

As a rule, High Pressure Sodium lights use to match energy, so your electricity bill will go up. You have to set up fans - High Pressure Sodium grow lights produce a lot of heat, so you should create a way to exhaust the heat outside of your grow space. If you use HPS, it is vital to prevent your cannabis plants from getting light burn.

Modern Led Grow lamps were invented about five years ago to replace the complicated High Pressure Sodium. As we know, the Fluorescent Light, HPS and Incandescent Lamp produce sightless light and all the spectrum of visible light. However Leds emit the spectrum of light used by plants for healthy flowering. From economical stand point alone, one 200 Watt Led Grow light equals 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium.

Our led grow lights have been proven effective in growing weed by real growers during actual grows in Austin, TX. Our prices are reasonable.


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