Do you like marijuana, or need it for medical purposes?

Weed is prohibited everywhere. Even in Amsterdam it is prohibited. Don’t get arrested for sale of cannabis!

You might decide to grow marijuana on your own in Auburn, AL.

What are the benefits of growing weed?

  • Save time and money - growing cannabis is easier than buying
  • Consistent supply
  • Personal safety - growing cannabis is safer than buying it in Auburn, AL
  • Health purposes
  • Choice of strains and better weed - grow exactly what you need

Weed is easy to grow if you know what to do.

What lights to choose?

Growing cannabis indoors implies the use of grow lights to simulate the sunlight.

For covering 9 feet you need one 450 Watt High Pressure Sodium bulb with reflector, cooling fans and ballast. If you use HPS, you have to battle overheating.

LED lights have been improved a lot in the last three years. They are easy in use and work for much longer.

We sale Led Grow Lights with delivery to Auburn, AL.


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